redirection „i am unique“

why do we & what does it mean? get this & you‘ll understand:

1. we are ~7 billion human beings on this planet

2. if all of us just buy one pair of trousers, one shirt, and one jumper, that would be 21 billion articles of clothing

3. we all buy more than these three pieces..

4. people in UK, have an estimated £30 billion worth of unworn clothes just hanging around in their closets

5. since 2012, there has been a 10 percent increase in the amount of clothing purchased in the UK alone

6. textile industry of China „creates“ about 3 billion tons of soot (per year!)

7. millions of tons filled with unused fabric at Chinese mills go to waste just because being dyed the wrong color

8. rivers in China run with the colors of the current season as the untreated toxic dyes wash off in these, just one mill in China can use two hundred tons of water for each ton of fabric they dye there

9. 240,000 people join New York Fashion Week each year

10. on average a person consumes 11.4kg of apparel each year

11. western Europeans consume 22kg of new textiles per year

12. clothing production doubled from 2000 to 2014

13. 1 kilogram of clothing over its entire life cycle creates 11 kilograms of greenhouse gases

14. it takes about 2,720 litres of water to produce just one cotton shirt (this number is equivalent to what an average person drinks over 3 years)

15. the volume of water consumed by the global fashion industry is 79 billion cubic meters equivalent to 32 million Olympic-size swimming pools

16. 1.4 quadrillion microfibres are estimated to be in the ocean as a result of laundering clothes

17. is this enough or do you need more?

.. that’s why we prefer re-doing. That‘s why we do sustainability!
.. & these pieces, they are truly unique.